Autumn/Winter 2024 Campaign

Posted by Andrea Goh

Model wears brown cardigan with arm held out, showcasing three gold rings.

Model wears a red long sleeve top, and holds up a pair of silver earrings featuring three green stones.

Model looks over her shoulder, and shows a single gold and pearl earring.

Model wears a terracotta hued wrap around top and a pair of gold earrings featuring blue stones.

Model wears a tan brown leather blazer jacket, with her hands clasped together, showcasing four gold and silver rings.

Model wears a black jacket and holds one arm up, which casts a slight shadow on her face. The feature is a single earring of three pearls and one blue stone stud.

Autumn/Winter 2024 is a harmonious fusion of timeless elegance and cosmic wonder. Drawing inspiration from the moon and constellations, the focus is set on lustrous freshwater pearls, as well as semi-precious stones lapis lazuli and chrysoprase.


Model: Sheridan Savage

Shot and styled by Andrea Goh

Clothing: Stylist's own and from Dilettante